My name is Gabriella,

I am an Italian Creative Designer, Author and Illustrator living in Paris since 2013.

But most of all, I love telling stories.

I am a published author and illustrator for children books: I consider myself and people in general just as children with some more or less life experience.

I have worked with children as a teacher for art and language laboratories.

I strongly believe in keeping fantasy and dreams alive, and stories as the most powerful mean to stimulate creativity and reflexion.

I have been working mostly as Art Director, Copywriter, User Experience and Visual designer for 13 years.

I also love and experienced many different things: Body Art, Street Art, Sculpture, Storyboarding for cartoons, Comics.

I love observing people, cuddling animals, exploring nature. I spend my time mostly reading, drawing and imaging.

I do my best to do good, to share and to engage.

If you want to know more about my activity as Art Director, User Experience Designer and Copywriter please visit www.gabriellacinque.com